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19 Cool Links:

Companies : Hobby

  • eyeWyre Simulation Studio - 3d, realtime physics simulation of robots and microcontrollers for education and hobbyists. Experiment with line following, light sensing, sumo war and more all in a realistic simulation environment. pop
    (Added: 14-Jan-2004 Hits: 9061 Rating: 5.50 Votes: 35) Rate It

Hardware : Motors & Motor Control

  • Control of Stepping Motors - this tutorial covers the basic principles of stepping motors and stepping motor control systems, including both the physics of the motor, the electronics of the basic control systems, and software architectures appropriate for motor control. pop
    (Added: 16-Feb-2000 Hits: 8460 Rating: 5.67 Votes: 9) Rate It


  • - Everything you need to know about robotics. Projects. Links. Books. Resources. Tutorials. News. Reviews. And more! pop
    (Added: 5-Nov-2000 Hits: 11388 Rating: 7.88 Votes: 48) Rate It

Resources : Discussion Forums

Resources : Web Directories

  • The Legged Robot Builder - this site is a resource for builders of autonomous legged robots. Whether your robot walks, crawls, runs or hops, these links may offer some inspiration. pop
    (Added: 21-Feb-2000 Hits: 8333 Rating: 4.40 Votes: 5) Rate It


  • SHRIMP: High Mobility Wheeled Rover - Shrimp is able to overcome obstacles up to twice its wheel size and can climb regular stairs. It has 6 wheels each powered by a 1.75 W DC motor. The total weight of this first prototype is 3.1 kg including 600 g of batteries. The site contains a video in MPEG and RealVideo format. pop
    (Added: 25-Mar-2000 Hits: 8683 Rating: 8.11 Votes: 26) Rate It
  • HOME-ROBOT.COM - This site is dedicated to home robots, and includes information about the author's home robot, Cybert. pop
    (Added: 9-Nov-2000 Hits: 11199 Rating: 6.76 Votes: 20) Rate It

Robots : Artistic

  • nemomatic - The kinetic, robot sculptures of artist, Nemo Gould. A collection of photos and videos of robots made from found materials. pop
    (Added: 20-Nov-2000 Hits: 8844 Rating: 6.35 Votes: 21) Rate It

Robots : BEAM

  • Insectroïdes - A really cool BEAM robotics site with information. Includes excellent tutorials, quality pictures, video of robots in action , resources, links and much more. pop
    (Added: 9-Jan-2001 Hits: 8749 Rating: 7.64 Votes: 32) Rate It

Robots : Personal Robots

  • iRobot-LE - The iRobot-LE™ is the first multi-purpose home robot controllable from a web browser anywhere in the world. It is a powerful personal computer with sensors that allow it to understand the world around it. pop
    (Added: 26-Aug-2000 Hits: 11773 Rating: 7.87 Votes: 58) Rate It

Robots : Robotic Arms

  • Robotic Webcam - The robotic arm webcam has 5 control points, including a clamp. pop
    (Added: 23-Dec-2000 Hits: 12201 Rating: 4.28 Votes: 32) Rate It

Robots : Walking Robots

  • Cricket - is a simple walking robot. He walks around using a tri-gate step, avoids objects when touched by the feelers, and chirps randomly. pop
    (Added: 12-Feb-2000 Hits: 11876 Rating: 6.99 Votes: 18) Rate It
  • BiPed - This BiPed is an autonomous walking two legged robot. It can walk over small obstacles, and it can make curves. You find an extensive description on the website. pop
    (Added: 24-Sep-2001 Hits: 15561 Rating: 6.70 Votes: 30) Rate It
  • HexWorks - a new, Rabbit2000 based, hexapod autonomous robot hits the road! pop
    (Added: 17-Nov-2000 Hits: 9071 Rating: 6.19 Votes: 131) Rate It
  • BiPed Robot V-3 - The V-3 is a two-legged walking robot with 12 active degrees of freedom, developed to get far as possible to the movement of the human legs. A prototype of an upper body with 16 DOF is under development. For now the robots are controlled by PC. pop
    (Added: 12-Nov-2005 Hits: 12829 Rating: 7.72 Votes: 43) Rate It


  • The Rossum Project - a site dedicated to free, open-source software for robotics. Its latest release features an Java-based 2D robot simulation intended to help developers create navigation, exploration, and maze-solving logic. The Rossum Project is now seeking both new software and developers to assist in its creation. pop
    (Added: 13-Feb-2000 Hits: 9864 Rating: 6.82 Votes: 21) Rate It

Software : Simulators

  • Cyberbotics - Webots - A realistic mobile robots simulator that includes models for the Kheperas, Alice, E-puck, Hoap-2, KHR2-HV, Nao and other robots as well as many sensors and actuators, simulated cameras, infra-red sensors, force sensors, etc. The user can program virtual robots using a C / C++ or Java library. A 3D environment editor allows to customize robotics scenarios. pop
    (Added: 27-Jan-2008 Hits: 8404 Rating: 7.34 Votes: 51) Rate It
  • RoboWorks - RoboWorks is an easy to use software tool for 3D modeling, simulation and animation of any physical system. RoboWorks users benefit from: Extremely intuitive model development, High quality, fully interactive 3D graphics, Interfacing with popular software packages. RoboWorks supports interactive animation via the keyboard, through a data file, or through the open source RoboTalk programming interface. pop
    (Added: 5-Jul-2000 Hits: 16686 Rating: 6.44 Votes: 75) Rate It

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