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  • Cyberbotics - Webots - A realistic mobile robots simulator that includes models for the Kheperas, Alice, E-puck, Hoap-2, KHR2-HV, Nao and other robots as well as many sensors and actuators, simulated cameras, infra-red sensors, force sensors, etc. The user can program virtual robots using a C / C++ or Java library. A 3D environment editor allows to customize robotics scenarios. pop
    (Added: 27-Jan-2008 Hits: 8404 Rating: 7.34 Votes: 51) Rate It
  • eyeWyre Simulation Studio - 3d, realtime physics simulation of robots and microcontrollers for education and hobbyists. Experiment with line following, light sensing, sumo war and more all in a realistic simulation environment. pop
    (Added: 14-Jan-2004 Hits: 9061 Rating: 5.50 Votes: 35) Rate It
  • RoboWorks - RoboWorks is an easy to use software tool for 3D modeling, simulation and animation of any physical system. RoboWorks users benefit from: Extremely intuitive model development, High quality, fully interactive 3D graphics, Interfacing with popular software packages. RoboWorks supports interactive animation via the keyboard, through a data file, or through the open source RoboTalk programming interface. pop
    (Added: 5-Jul-2000 Hits: 16686 Rating: 6.44 Votes: 75) Rate It
  • Actin Robot Simulation - Actin provides kinematic and dynamic simulation for all types of fixed-base and mobile robotic systems.
    (Added: 23-Dec-2009 Hits: 3885 Rating: 5.67 Votes: 3) Rate It
  • anyKode Marilou Robotics Studio - a highly intuitive and visual modeling environment. Complex robots structures and simulation environments can be easily and rapidly constructed with editor‘s CAD style interface. The most popular devices like panoramic spherical cameras, motors, servos, US/IR/Laser sensors and others let you create realistic simulations. Compatible with the most popular software and languages (C++, C#, VB#, J#).
    (Added: 28-Oct-2006 Hits: 4349 Rating: 7.89 Votes: 82) Rate It
  • How to Simulate Consciousness Using a Computer System - A software architecture is provided with detailed instructions explaining how to design a computer system to simulate consciousness using a computer system, including the scientific theory it is based on. The explanation includes how to simulate life processes, a pleasure/pain system, sense perception, concept formation, free will choices, and natural language for simple sentences.
    (Added: 8-Sep-2001 Hits: 4748 Rating: 7.00 Votes: 3) Rate It
  • Mobile Robot Simulators - has a mobile robot simulator especially for miniature robotic soccer. The simulator may be used for testing control schemes to be ported onto real robots.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2000 Hits: 8269 Rating: 2.29 Votes: 7) Rate It
  • Simbad - Simbad is a highly portable Robot 3d simulator for scientific and educationnal purposes. It is voluntarily kept simple and readable to enable a programmer to design its own robot behavior and environment. It is based solely on Java (>= 1.4.2) and Java3D. Simbad simulator provides: -3D sensing. -Single or Multi-robots - Color monoscopic camera. -sonars and bumpers. -Python scripting
    (Added: 12-Nov-2005 Hits: 5092 Rating: 4.40 Votes: 10) Rate It
  • ThreeDimSim - 3D mechanics simulator and render software.
    (Added: 13-Aug-2002 Hits: 6071 Rating: 5.86 Votes: 14) Rate It

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